Tx3 Services

            Useful Information needed when opening Support Case

            1. Detailed steps to reproduce Issue the issue.
            2. VERA Version Information (Click the “GO” button, Click “Version Information” and Copy to Clipboard option.)
            3. ALM Version and Patch Level
            4. Does the issue happen in a single project?
            5. Does the issue happen on a single machine?
            6. Does the issue happen for a single user?
            7. Applicable Screenshots of Error (If detailed report is available, please provide report)
            8. Provide any Log Files that are applicable to assist in investigation of case (For location of Log Files, log into Site Admin and click on the “Servers” tab and highlight the name of the application server. The log file location will appear in the right column).

            Updated: 08 Jan 2019 02:39 AM
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