Test Set - Dry Runs

Test Set - Dry Runs

What are Dry Runs? 

Test Set Designers can designate a Test Set for Dry Runs. Dry Run Test Sets will ONLY produce informal executions (Dry Run executions). Once a Test Set is put into Dry Run Status, there is no way to reverse the action.

Dry Run Test Sets are useful for running a preliminary suite of tests for unproven processes or features that are likely to result in failed Runs. In a standard VERA configuration, Dry Run Test Sets are easily deleted by using the Smart Delete action. When the Test Set is deleted, the Dry Run executions are removed along with it, helping to keep the project’s Test Runs list tidy.


Steps to Create a Dry Run Test Set

1.      Select a Test Set which is in Draft Status. The Test Set may not contain any formal runs.

2.      Open the VERA Action Menu.

3.      Click the “Test Set(s) Dry Runs” Action


4.     Ensure that the correct Test Set(s) are selected in the dialog box.

5.      The Test Set’s Status becomes Dry Run


What are the limitations of using Dry Runs?

Dry Run Tests Sets will only produce Dry Run executions which do not affect the Execution Status of a Test Set and does not require approvals will not contain signatures. 

Marking a Test Set as Dry Run is an action that cannot be reversed, and any runs that are produced cannot be recognized as formal executions. 

**** If formal executions are needed, a user may execute the Smart Copy action on the Test Set and then use Smart Paste to duplicate the Test Set. This will create an exact copy of the Test Set except that it will have a Status of Draft and any execution data will have been excluded. ****

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