IE is No Longer Supported when trying to access Tx3 Support Portal

IE is No Longer Supported when trying to access Tx3 Support Portal

To All,

Zoho Desk (our Support Ticket Management System) is no longer supporting IE. You will need to access the portal using Chrome or FireFox. Please see the statement released by Zoho Desk:


In with the new and out with the old, right? In that vein, Zoho Desk will be discontinuing support for all versions of Internet Explorer. But worry not, Microsoft users. We still support the three latest versions of Microsoft Edge.
Here's why this is happening. Internet Explorer is rather obsolete and is unable to handle a lot of our features. In fact, Microsoft themselves currently support only the latest version of the browser. This essentially means that issues—even security glitches—within the browser will not be resolved by Microsoft.
We request users of Internet Explorer, and older versions of Edge, to kindly switch browsers and continue your customer service journey with Zoho Desk. A number of alternate web browsers are available today, and we guarantee that you'll love the switch!
We realize that this can be a big change for you. With that in mind, our deadline for Internet Explorer support is the 15th of June, 2018. We hope this gives you enough time to adapt.
Feel free to write to us for any support you might need in this regard.
As always, happy ticketing!
Team Zoho Desk

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