How to Prevent or Fix Dry Runs created in Ready for Execution Test Set

How to Prevent or Fix Dry Runs created in Ready for Execution Test Set


Rarely, dry runs (i.e. runs with the Draft Run field set to Y) can be created in formal test sets. This is due to an ALM feature that automatically marks runs created from a "Checked Out" test case as Draft Run = Y. 


Several methods exist to either prevent or mitigate this occurrence. 

Prevent Checked Out Test Cases From Being Executed:

The Test Execution Policy can be updated to prevent the execution of any test case that is currently checked out by a user. Add the following code to the Test Rules section for formal executions:
  1. {
                            "Is Allowed""No",
                            "Description""Checked Out Test Cases cannot be executed.",
                            "Constraints": [
                                    "Type""Field Is One Of",
                                    "Name""Version Status",
                                    "Values": ["Checked_Out"]

Mark Accidental Dry Runs as Draft Run = N When the Test Set is Ready for Execution

An action can be added to the transition dry runs to the Draft state and to update the Draft Run field to N when the Test Set is Ready for Execution. This code can be provided by Support.

WARNING: Editing policy files without a full understanding of the impact can cause errors or unwanted results. Edits should only be made by someone who has a complete understanding of their current configuration. If needed please feel free to reach out to Tx3 Support for assistance for this or any configuration changes you are planning.
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